LinkUp Radio Empowers Immigrant and Multicultural Communities Through Life Improvement Education

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    David Annakie is a seasoned ex-corporate executive from the likes of Pepsi, Kraft General Foods, Nestles, IBM, Citi -Group and Great Waters of France who believes that the only true way to success is through Hard Work and Focus.

    Annakie is an immigrant of Jamaica and in September 1996 decided to quit the corporate world and focus on helping his multicultural community on radio.

    He began leasing air time from a  radio station 93.5FM WVIP NY and in time, began to grow in popularity.

    Though he had experienced immense success, he had never forgotten the community he had come from, nor the struggle he experienced after coming to America. He was keenly aware of the immense lack of education and resources available to Caribbean and other multicultural communities in his area, so he resolved to do something about it. He founded LinkUp Radiointending to educate and empower immigrant and multicultural communities through life improvement information. The show covers a variety of topics ranging from law, real estate, finance, and wellness. Annakie partners with the esteemed law firm, Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco (PPID) and The Case Handler  to provide immigration and personal injury law advice to their listeners. Their weekly real estate segment is designed to educate their immigrant listeners on how to buy a home in America. Other segments are aimed at providing general financial education. “There is an incredible lack of financial education in immigrant communities,” Annakie explains, “When immigrants come to the USA  they are not counseled or educated  on credit and homeownership, they are usually completely lost.”

    Though the show is educational and direct, it is also fun and lighthearted as well. While Annakie is an example of success he is also able to relate and bring a personal, empathetic approach to his listeners. “I have been there,” says Annakie, “Growing up in the Bronx, made me aware of the lack of education and understanding our community has in health, finance, and immigration. I understand the struggle of arriving in a new country and trying to figure out how to afford life, pay for a new home, apply for a credit card, and solve your immigration status.” However, obtaining the “American Dream” is not impossible. With the right knowledge and strategy, it is entirely possible.

    According to Annakie, health and wellness is an equally important contributor to success. “Without proper nutrition, it is impossible to achieve optimal energy and productivity,” Annakie explains. A nutrition coach and founder of BioLife Health and Wellness, an organic supplement company, Annakie is dedicated to delivering tactical health and nutrition education to his listeners. “In my community, proper nutrition simply wasn’t taught, and many people in poor communities may not have the knowledge nor access to the food they need to live a healthy life.” Although he may not be able to solve the poverty crisis, Annakie is committed to providing sound nutritional education and tips and tricks for healthy living on a budget. Whether he is providing strategic advice about real estate, credit counseling, or immigration law, Annakie provides a holistic approach to helping listeners improve their lifestyle through LinkUp’s fun, yet informative format.









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